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Installing a very large 60 x 90″ Image Panel for a client.  The image, Wild Radish in Springtime,  is from Pogonip Open Space Preserve in Santa Cruz.  Many thanks to my good friend Anders Olsen for lending his expertise with the installation.  The image was printed by Bradley Photographic Print Services in Monterey.

For years my clients had wondered what to do with the giant blank wall above their doorway, and are happy to now have an image from one of their favorite places to hike and connect with nature.



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Now Offering Image Panels

New this season, Paul is offering Image Panels as an alternative to his traditional framing option.

Image Panel close up

Image Panel close up

Image panels are an afforable alternative to our standard framing option. Instead of the traditional mounted, matted print under glass, with Image Panels the print is mounted to a premium wood panel and laminated with a tough, clear, UV protective coating. It provides a non-glare surface making images easier to see from any angle. They are easily cleaned of grease, dust and moisture and provide a safe alternative to glass for children’s rooms, public spaces, and large prints.

This framing option is available for all photographs in sizes. See our price list…

Stop by our Open Studios to check them out!

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This is a follow up to our previous post ‘Goodbye Nalgene‘.  Well, Nalgene is finally going to do the right thing and phase out their bottles containing BPA. This came at the same time as Canada became the first country to ban BPA from baby bottles.  America needs to do the same. For some of us, it’s a little too late, but finally a move in the right direction. 

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Goodbye Nalgene

nalgene.jpgIt’s not news to us that plastic can and has been leaching chemicals into our food and drink for years, but it is news to us that our beloved Nalgene bottles that we have carried around for years could be leaching a chemical called BPA into our filtered water and causing us harm. As avid backpackers we’ve carried our bottles to mountaintops, floated down streams with them in tow, and allowed our baby daughter to drink from them, all the time feeling like we would be safe drinking from these bottles. Nalgene stands behind the safety of their bottles and discounts the research. sigg.jpg
We find it sad that a company we supported and stood behind for so many years would not do more to make their bottles safer, so this week we stand on our soapbox and toss our bottles into the recycler. We’ve opted to trust SIGG for now, and hopefully they can live up to their word. Autumn thinks they are cuter anyway…

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